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The Biggest Myths About Video Poker

Video Poker

Predefined odds to get each hand are offered in every variation of one of the most straightforward mmc996 India casino games, video poker. You are approximately at a 5:1 chance to receive a high pair and around 40,00:1 for a royal flush. Although it is as simple as slots to be learnt, the myths that surround the game is fewer in number than that of slots. But it still has a lot of misconceptions linked to it that needs to be debunked for its absurdity. Perceiving these myths in the wrong way could end up in washing away your payroll. Here are a few myths which you need to know beforehand so that you don’t put yourself in danger.


1.      A Significant Portion of the RTP is Made Up by the Royal Flush

On a maximum bet of 5 coins, you get to win about 4,000 coins in a royal flush. Since this is a major attraction for all video poker players, they tend to believe that the royal flush constitutes a significant portion of the RTP. Some players are so obsessed with this myth that they stick to the “royal-only” strategy. This also doesn’t encourage you to keep away from this strategy altogether. You should know that this strategy at has prospects that are quite impressive, but you shouldn’t be too excited about this either.


2.      To Make a Living Through Video Poker

Online Poker

Video poker is a popular game among most of the gamblers since it is beatable. By using an optimal strategy, you can unlock the +EV that is offered by many variations of video poker. With the multiple +EV games offered by video poker, a certain group of gamblers believe that they can make a living by playing this. When some of the video poker games provided about 103% payback, this belief was said to be true. But this was about a few decades ago, which no longer exist. +EV games with high coin denominations have decreased in number over the years, making for the reduced scope for making a living from it. Comp rates offered by casinos are also less these days. Not more than a few dollars can be won by playing video poker nowadays since it is no more a lucrative game. It has graded down to become a mere myth.


3.      Royal Flushes Pay in a Cycle

The odds to score a royal flush that is mentioned above was perceived by some gamblers to be paid on a cycle. People stick to a particular machine hoping to make the most out of it by hitting the royal flush. They even mark their machine with some cloth or other material to avoid it being taken by someone else when they are away. It is a fact that you have 40,000:1 odds of getting a royal flush, but that doesn’t mean that it functions in a cycle to end up in your favor.

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